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Data Available at the New Economic School

1) Datastream is available in the NES computer lab. (How to use Datastream at NES.)

2) Ask Larisa Kryuchkova in the NES library (lkruchko (at) nes.ru)

3) RUSLANA: provided by Bureau van. Dijk  (https://ruslana.bvdep.com/). Cefir subscribes for it every year. Students can access the data from their laptop as long as you have a login. To have access, students should ask Natalya Volchkova (or Cefir) to register. RUSLANA is a database on financial statements/income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements/for all businesses (private or traded on stock exchanges) in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. 

4) BEEPS: Survey of firms in 37 Russian regions: informs on variation of regulatory envi- ronment and entrepreneurs’ perceptions.  Students can get access through Cefir, but I also think the World Bank provides free access to it at  

Links to other potentially useful free datasets: